Many people with hearing loss have usually asked themselves if one hearing aid will help. Others with one hearing ear problem ask themselves if they really need a hearing aid. The answer is no. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association binaural hearing which has optimal hearing quality can only be achieved through the use of both ears.  For optimum hearing, hearing with both years you are able to tell the brain to specialize and localize on a specific direction of the sound. Hearing with both ears provides balanced hearing and you are able to distinguish the source of a sound. The following explains why hearing with two hearing aids is essential.

Better clarity

With one ear a person may have difficulties understanding nonverbal exclamations or subtle speech while there is noise surrounding you. With two ears you are assured to get equal and normal sound on both sides of your head.

Binaural amplification

Two hearing aids can be better than one for the hearing-impaired.  Binaural amplification has been evidenced to improve sound localization, enhance sound quality and increase speech understanding.  If you wear only one hearing aid you are only able to achieve functional hearing, but if you wear two of them you are able to adjust the sound to adjust the sound input in both ears thus your brain is able to synthesize them better.

Reduces Tinnitus

People with impaired hearing that have tinnitus usually with an incessant ringing sound in the ears have discovered that with two hearing aid you are able to abbreviate and eradicate unpleasant conditions. With one hearing aid, you are not able to extirpate these conditions.

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Improved sound quality

If you use one hearing aid you are not able to amplify sound the right way. Monaural hearing produces a strange feeling as your brain is not induced equally. With two hearing aids you are able to get a balanced hearing of sound, making your hearing appear so natural. The texture in the sound you hear is able to improve with two hearing aids and the quality will improve. It is proven that hearing with two ears you are able to render increased value of 10 decibels in sound quality.

Improved Localization

This is the ability to distinguish where the sound is coming from. With two hearing aids it will help your brain understand the content of the speech and the location it comes from. You are also able to localize and focus if someone approaches you in a specific direction if you have one ear being impaired you may not respond suitably.

With both hearing aids, you will experience a comfortable and complete sound picture giving you a sense of volume and space. It is also easier to interpret speech in a noisy surrounding. The ability to hear with both ears clearly is important for our daily functions with peace of mind. Having binaural hearing helps lose the jolting effect when the loud sound is divided. Visit a hearing healthcare specialist to address your hearing interest.