Suddenly, your hearing aid battery starts peeping, and you are sitting in public where people can see you. Now, you are facing problem in hearing as your hearing aid battery is dead so what will be your next step? Whether you should change your devices’ battery in public or not? Let’s discuss!

Rules to change the batteries in public

There always exist some rules of etiquette for everything in this life so you must follow the rules of etiquette of how to replace the hearing aid batteries in public. When you are sitting out somewhere like in a restaurant, and then it would be really embarrassing in pulling the hearing aids covered in earwax out of your ears. Moreover, no one wants to see you doing this ugly thing in public. It’s totally impossible to do it without giving a notice to people around you, that too especially if you use in-ear hearing aids which produce a loud noise when you take them out of your ear until you detach the battery. It’s a height of awkwardness.

How to carry your device battery when moving out?  

As per the awareness of MediNinja Hearing, it’s quite difficult to remove the battery and to insert a new one even if your hearing aids battery is dead & making no sound.  Always note that whenever you carry your battery either be in your pocket or a wallet, don’t keep them with any kind of metal like keys or coins. These metals can easily short circuit your hearing aids batteries.

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Finally, how to change the batteries in public?

First of all, clean your hands properly and dry them so that you won’t end up damaging the battery. Now, you need to be prudent enough and try to change your battery in your lap or your purse (wallet). Keep your batteries away from metals while storing them in travel. As if your batteries comes in contact with any type of metal then your batteries might get a short circuit.

Alternatively, you can change your batteries once a week at home

It’s quite painless! Do you know some people not at all change their batteries in public? They used to change their batteries once a week at home sitting on their couch. You can also try this formula to avoid the awkwardness. This way you won’t rush things up in public.

Have the longest lifespan of your hearing aid batteries!

Yip! It’s quite easy to achieve. Simply, turn down your hearing aids when you are not using them like at bedtime, or while taking a shower. You can switch off your device by opening the battery’s compartments in your hearing aids when you are not wearing them.

Moreover, keep your hearing aids batteries at normal room temperature to extend its life.

Also, whenever you buy a new pack of batteries do not detach the plastic tabs located on the back of each battery unless and until you are ready to insert them in your hearing aids.