There are many different types of hearing aids, each for different severities of hearing loss. Because of all the different varieties, it is not always easy to find a hearing aid that suits your lifestyle and needs. Sometimes a hearing aid can improve your hearing, but it is just not practical for your way of life. That’s why it is so important to be able to test your hearing aid before you spend your hard-earned money on one.

Flex-trial is a system that allows you to do exactly that. With the Flex-trial program, hearing aids are programmed with the most updated technology that is tailored to your specific hearing needs. You are prescribed with a hearing aid based your specific needs and your specific lifestyle. Then, you try them out during a period without making the final purchase.

This “free-trial” or “test-run” approach to hearing aids is a highly significant factor in getting those with hearing loss the specified help they need. By collecting data from various surveys, it was revealed that about fifty percent of those visiting a hearing professional for the first time end up not making a purchase. That is half of all people with hearing problems! This occurs because they are concerned about whether they are spending their money on a hearing aid that will meet not just their hearing needs but also the needs of their lifestyle.  A more active person would need a very different hearing aid than someone who preferred to spend their time at home with family. The uncertainty causes many people to leave with no hearing aid.


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The flex-trial program includes five possible technological levels, and each one is specifically geared toward the patient’s particular hearing loss. The hearing aid is programmed to the appropriate level, and the patient is allowed to wear it for a specified period. This time is determined by the hearing professional and gives the patient a chance to experience life with that hearing aid. The technology can also be adjusted up or down during the trial time frame until the patient finds the volume that they are comfortable with. The patient can then make an informed decision about whether or not they want to purchase that specific hearing aid. If the hearing aid does not work for them, they can talk about other options with their doctors.

There is also an upgrade program (called Flex-Upgrade). According to the Hearing Review, this program is for patients who already have a hearing aid but need to increase their level of hearing assistance based on changes with their hearing loss, their preference or lifestyle. This program is significant because it allows patients to make the desired changes in their current hearing aid without having to go through the stresses of buying a whole new hearing aid. This saves patients money in the long run and gives them peace of mind about making a final purchase.