Yes, you read it right. You probably have had a negative experience with someone scratching its chalk on the blackboard, or a knife crapping on a glass. It is scientifically proven that when we hear unpleasant sounds our brains will produce negative emotions. Here is a list of the most irritating sounds for the human brain that we hate so much.

  1. Knife on a bottle

This is the one that will hold the list probably forever. Someone scraping against a glass bottle with a knife is one of the most irritating sounds for a human being. I guess you will agree with us, there isn’t something more unpleasant than this!

  1. Fork on a glass

The next that should also be the first of the list is the fork on a glass noise. Scratching the fork on a plate or something similar would definitely make you angry and grumpy. It is one of the least pleasant noises on earth, and whoever does this isn’t very pleasant either!

  1. Chalk on a blackboard

Weren’t you like really angry when some kid in your class went at the blackboard and suddenly started to press the chalk against it and it made this squeaky horrible sound that made everyone so angry? Yep, this is one of the most unpleasant sounds ever.

  1. Ruler on a bottle

Guess the most irritating sounds that we hate include some kind of bottles and glasses. This one does too. The ruler pressed and dragged around a bottle is definitely an annoying sound to bear with.

  1. Nails on a blackboard

If you have long nails, you definitely shouldn’t use them for this option. It will be very annoying for everyone. This is also considered as a really unpleasant noise for people.

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      6. A female screaming

Is this really that bad? Well for almost everyone, yes! On behalf of everyone on the world, women stop screaming. Even though no one really goes around like that, you probably haven’t heard anyone screaming in ages, have you?

  1. Angle grinder

Didn’t really know what an angle grinder is till now, but I can tell you that is very annoying. If you don’t know either, it is a hand-held power tool used for grinding and obviously for making you have negative emotions upon hearing its sound. So stay safe, stay away from angle grinders!

  1. Brakes on a cycle squealing

Is this really annoying? Apparently, since people listed it the 8th on the most annoying noises on earth.

  1. Baby crying

Well, there isn’t much you can do about this. Babies cry a lot, so if you’re planning on having a baby make sure that you are fine with all the noises and stuff beforehand and be well prepared because someone won’t like the sound of your crying baby.

  1. Electric drill

Not only sounds very irritating but it also looks like that, maybe because it associates with some horror movies? Who knows, just stay away from it!