Hearing is a vital factor that determines development growth of an individual on any language. Hearing impairment (which is defined as a loss of hearing that prevent an individual from hearing anything) can have a great impact on speech development. Children with hearing loss are likely to experience difficulties in cognitive skills, their communication, speech development and delayed languages. This leads to learning difficulties, behavioral problems, and low self-esteem. The earlier your kid is checked and treated the better. Treat your child as he/she grow with an early intervention to improve how they will be associating with others when they grow towards development. Here are the main effects of hearing loss on development.

Social relationship with others

Individuals with hearing loss have communication problems when associating to people with a normal hearing and it may lead to low self-esteem, poor self-concept, suffer psychologically and isolation. Some teen students with hearing loss may get lost in understanding whether they fit with individuals hearing properly. Some youth get frustrated with the fact that they are different leading to depression and social isolation. To avoid and address this issue you can promote the development of social skills that are right for your child.


It develops slowly as children grow thus limiting them in their future careers. They get to learn and hear simple words easily but have difficulty with complex and abstract words than those with normal hearing. They also get difficulty in understanding words with multiple meaning. This, in turn, leads them to be unable to catch up with the intervention.

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Delays in language and speech when speaking

This normally happens where there is a delay in the development of expressive and receptive languages. Speech problems may lead to difficulty in choosing the right and best career. They may miss employment opportunity as many careers depend on how good your oral communication is.

Sentence structure

Individuals with hearing loss usually don’t hear the end of the last sentence so they tend to use them less often, thus being unable to understand the sentences.  And it also leads to misuse of passive tense, possessive, pluralisation, nonverbal tense among others. They produce a short and simple sentence that they can comprehend. They have difficulty in writing a complex sentence and understanding them. If you suspect your child is having difficulty in hearing, it is important to take them to a health care for the check-up and how it can be prevented.

Academic difficulties and achievement

If your child has reduced hearing and language difficulties in the classroom this may, in turn, lead to low academic achievement. Provide good communication skills that he can use to succeed in his academic endeavors.  You can also educate family members and caregivers on providing a successful and positive experience that will help your child implement new skills while studying. Student get difficulty in taking notes, catch up on a cross talk, therefore they have to try their best to keep up.

It is clear that hearing loss may affect how your child will develop, but early family and professional doctor’s intervention may improve your child development, language and how they will be able to address the implication of cognitive development.