If you have hearing loss, watching TV with others can be a problem. Either you are unable to hear the program or your loved ones fail to tolerate the level of volume you require. New devices are becoming more common and can help you overcome this issue.

Traditional hearing aids can help you hear your favorite program

While hearing aids have been around for years, newer models are becoming better at helping you accurately to listen the television. Some devices provide directional coverage, while others have specialized settings designed just for hearing the television.

Devices allow you to adjust television volume just for you

These devices plug into the headphone jack of your TV and send the sound directly to your headphones, or even your hearing aids. This allows you to adjust the volume just for your device while leaving the volume at a tolerable level for others.

High Tech options are becoming more available

Neck loops are newer products that allow sound to be streamed directly to hearing aids. This process bypasses any background noise that may be present.

Bluetooth devices provide a standard interface

Bluetooth technology can send sound directly to your listening devices, with adjustable volume. This is especially useful for those who do not use hearing aids. Bluetooth-capable headphones are the perfect option for those who do not use any other hearing devices.

Streaming Devices offer remotes with right sound hook up

Many popular streaming devices have direct audio connections via a headphone jack right in the transmitter. This is a simple solution, and it lets you enjoy the latest technology and media content in streaming services.