Have you ever been in a crowded room where multiple people are talking? Who hasn’t, right? If you are that type of a person, you have been in a situation where the room is crowded, and people are talking in every direction. Have you ever tried to have a conversation in this type of situation? It can be challenging. However, it has been proven that our brains can track a single person speaking in these types of situations. 


Our brains are an exotic muscle in our body. It allows us to think, process, and visualize things quickly. When we are in a crowded room, our brain processes even quicker. Our brain processes a single person talking. It allows us to focus on just them and not just hear, but listen to what they are saying. Above the voices speaking and muffled sounds around us, our brains are still capable of allowing us to hold a conversation by using our attention. It is as our brain is on high alert and paying attention to only that one individual who is talking directly to us. Very interesting if you ask me!


Some people come off as standoffish or rude when in fact they just cannot handle the loud parties. It is not easy for some to handle the loud noise at parties. They cannot have a conversation while the noise is going on. It is not that they do not want to be at those parties, they just literally cannot handle it. Studies have shown that those who have attention disorders cannot process a conversation in a crowded room. It takes to much attention to detail. Your brain has to pinpoint, not just the voice, but if it is male or female, where it is coming from in the room, what the tone is, etc. Those who have attention disorder find this difficult to do. When you hear one voice they hear them all. They literally cannot concentrate on one voice in a crowd. Hearing aids with directional microphones will help concentrate on particular person’s voice.


It is not impossible for a person with an attention disorder to attend one of these parties. If you have a disorder, you will just have to work extra hard at zooming in on the conversation you are having. Just go to have fun and do not worry about socializing. Even have a drink or two to calm your nerves. Just dance and be wild. Let your hair down. Do something so you can just have fun. You do not even have to have conversations just go to have fun, and the rest should fall into place. If you do this, you will feel comfortable at the party.