Did you know that ear wax build up is one of the leading causes for hearing aid repair? A buildup of earwax in your hearing aids can:

  • Damage a hearing aid
  • Cause hearing aid feedback
  • Reduce the effectiveness of the hearing aid by blocking sound
  • Causes a poor fit
  • Cause (further) hearing loss

Clean ear tubing every other day! 

Save yourself the trouble of costly repair by maintaining your hearing aids with these easy cleaning steps.

  1. Take a close look at the ear tube to see if there are any bent areas on the ear tube, especially in the connecting piece on both ends. If there is any bent, please replace your ear tube.
  2. Otherwise, remove tube from the device body. Thread cleaning wire through tube 5-6 times. Wipe debris from tube/dome.
  3. Reattach tube to the device body.


To help you with the cleaning procedure, we include a 1 minute short instruction video.

How to remove/install ear tube

  • To remove the ear tube from the hearing aid: twist counter clockwise (45 degrees) and pull off gently, applying some force.
  • To install the ear tube: push the end of the tube into the end of the hearing aid main unit and twist into place.