Okay so you probably already know that too much noise for your ears, or I should say too much loud noise is bad for your ears; but did you know that too much noise can be bad for your heart as well? Neither did I until recently. Recently, I discovered that too much noise is bad for your heart and I want to explain to others why doctors are saying it. That is why throughout this article you will discover what reasons I have come across that link the two together.

We already know that noise can cause stress and stress can cause your blood pressure to go up which in turns creates heart issues and really if you think about it this only makes sense. Think about it this way, when your body is put into some sort of stress like you break a bone or you give birth to a child what happens? Your body can feel like it wants to shut down and sometimes it does shut down by passing out.

Hearing is no different. When you put stress on your ears like working in loud environments or going to concerts that are way over the top, you damage your hearing. Even doing something as simple as blowing leaves or cutting our grass can cause damage to our hearing. So, what happens inside our body as our hearing gets damaged?

This is what happens, your stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline become elevated. The longer you put yourself in a stressful environment to your ears the more of a chance your hearing loss can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, and heart failure because of the build-up of those stress hormones

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What is so surprising is air pollution has been noted as a serious issue and people have been making a conscious effort at decreasing the air pollution but I have never heard anyone standing up for noise pollution. In fact, I do not think people even consider noise pollution to be an issue. Did you know those planes that fly over your house or the neighbor who is cutting his grass or the road workers banging up the roads with their tools trying to fix them up or even something as simple as having your television turned up too loud can really be damaging to your ears?

Many people do not even think about that kind of stuff because it literally is part of our everyday life but the reality is, it really is damaging our ears which is causing other parts of our bodies to be damaged as well. Because the more you are exposed to these noises the more those stress hormones are released and the more likely you are to have heart issues.

So, why is too much noise not just bad for your ears but bad for your heart? It is simple really. Loud noises causes stress to the body just like any other injury causes stress to your body. As your body is being stressed those stress hormones are released and depending on how many times throughout your life these hormones are released, it can cause you to have heart issues. My suggestion is to turn down the music and enjoy life as it is.