Every human has 5 different sensory abilities which enable him or her to feel and interact with the rest of the world. However, two of these senses are highly sensitive and must be taken care of. These are sense of hearing and sense of sight. A loss or diminishing sense of hearing or sight can have major consequences on a lot of things that go around an individual on a daily basis. This becomes even more critical in the case of the older adults who not only face health issues due to environment but also because of their old age. As a result, their quality of life deteriorates and they are unable to exhibit the same social behavior as they used to before any of this disability happened.

As per a study conducted by Anne Viljanen in collaboration with a research group from the University of Southern Denmark, more than 30% of the Europeans who are aged 50 and above suffer from either hearing loss, or sight loss, or both. She also pointed out that there are several reasons why this kind of a problem is more common in older people as compared to the youngsters.

The research group called SHARE (Survey of Health, Aging and Retirement in Europe) collected data from more than 27000 individuals who were in the age group of 50 and more from 11 European nations. The studies observed the effect of hearing and/or sight loss on the life of individuals extensively. It was found that people who suffer from these impairments participated less in the social activities as compared to the healthy individuals or people who suffered from impairment other than the loss of hearing or sight.


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Another expert on the topic, Tuija Mikkola, who happens to be a part of LISPE (Life-Space Mobility in Old Age) study, added that people who suffer from the loss of at least one of these senses were not so comfortable in being a part of group activities or meeting their friends. This is majorly because, group activities for such people is a challenge as they face difficulty in understanding and talking about what is being discussed. The problem is elevated even more in a noisier environment like a park.

LISPE study included interviewing 848 individuals from a community who were aged 75 to 90. Almost half of the individuals who were a part of this study reported at least a little amount of hearing problem while 10% reported major problems with hearing in a noisy environment.