So many people are in disbelief that they need hearing aids as they will pretend that they listen to what you say when in actuality they only heard bits and pieces. Hearing aids are an easy fix for a person who is losing their hearing and depending on the age can be very stylish. I went to school with someone who had pink hearing aids and as we grew older she had pink camouflage hearing aids. Since so many are in disbelief of their hearing loss, what are some ways to tell if you need hearing aids? Well, this article is going to answer just that.


When others are talking with you, do you find yourself constantly asking others what do you say? Or could you repeat that? If you are, you might need hearing aids. This is a real determination of whether you need hearing aids or not. When you constantly have to ask what, it might be time to get your hearing checked.


Do you constantly have a humming, buzzing, or ringing in your ear? If so, this is another indication you might need hearing aids. If you have a humming, buzzing, or ringing in your ear than it is time to get to an audiologist to have your hearing checked. You just might need hearing aids.


Do you find yourself watching television with the volume up on 70? Can you not hear your phone ring when the volume is all the way up? Can you hear your alarm clock go off? Although, who does want to be able to listen to their alarm clock? In any case, if you are still having trouble hearing the television when it is up on 70, and you cannot hear your phone when it is all the way turned up or you cannot hear your alarm clock in the morning, it is time to get your hearing checked. You might need hearing aids.


Do you have to do what I like to call guess work? In other words, do you have to try and put the pieces together of what people are saying? You can hear them, but you can only hear every other word? Or bread sounds like beer? If you have to try hard to put pieces together, you might just need some hearing aids.


When you are out at a restaurant or a loud party, do you have trouble hearing the person you are talking too? And I do not mean the normal hard of hearing because of loud music or yelling going on. I mean do you have trouble hearing the person talking to you when multiple conversations are going on? If so, you just might be a good candidate for hearing aids.

Many people ignore the signs and since hearing loss happens gradually, hearing loss could go on for years before the person agrees to have their hearing checked. So many people are in disbelief that it could not happen to them, but hearing is a gift and can be taken away in an instant. Take care of your gift, if you have any of the above signs of hearing loss go to an audiologist.