Some believe that we already know, all there is to know about the human body, but one thing we forget is that there is always more to know. If you have ever wondered if the noise in your work environment is going to affect your hearing someday, stop. A recent study has shown that high levels of antioxidants could help prevent hearing loss.

What was once thought is that the hairs in the inner ear would get damaged from the noise and that is what was causing the hearing loss. What is now thought is after a noise that could damage the ear occurs, free radicals are released. Also, hearing aids are available with free-trial program to help people to hear their world again.


Free radicals are atoms that are unpaired and can cause a domino effect once they have been released. If you do not understand, do not worry, basically what happens is something that is dangerous to your ear is released after a loud noise. While this is new to hearing it is not new to the body. They already know that once free radicals are released antioxidants are released to try to protect the body from harm.


You might think when hearing or seeing the word antioxidants that it is some special concoction, but you are wrong. Your body naturally forms antioxidants. The antioxidants which are believed to help prevent hearing loss are vitamin A, C, and E and magnesium. This combination works together in preventing cell damage to the ear which in turn helps prevent hearing loss.


So what happens if you go to a rock concert or have a gun go off beside you or even work in construction? Well, it is believed by taking the combined vitamin A, C, and E plus magnesium the morning after the noise occurs, it will still help prevent damage. Remember the free radical has a domino effect. Hence, by taking this concoction the morning after will help to avoid any further hearing damage.


It has been proven that a high number of those who have diabetes also having hearing loss. If those who have diabetes took the vitamin A, C, and E concoction on a daily basis, they could help prevent hearing loss at a later time.

How wonderful is it that those who work in noisy environments has a solution to help prevent hearing loss in the future? It is so wonderful that hearing loss can be avoided by using simple vitamins that you can buy over the counter. There is no need for expensive treatment if you take care of your hearing now. Start using vitamins to help you.