Few of us are extra ordinary, but if your working environment is exposed to loud
noise, then protecting your hearing is very important.
Rock concerts and construction places are not the only areas where sound can
reach to an extent that is dangerous to the hearing ability of human beings. As
per the accousticalsurfaces.com, airport ground staff has the nosiest workplace of
all. It also states that people who work at sports and entertainment sites, industry
and farm workers and even teachers also face on of the top ten noisiest work
places of the world.
As per the study of the University of Rochester Medical Center, while working, if
the sound is above 85 decibels (dB), then it can harm your hearing; and it can
even cause permanent hearing injury if exposure to extremely loud sounds is a
constant thing. That is the reason why the US Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA) has declared that hearing protection should be offered to
each and every employer when sound levels reach more than an average of 85 dB
in an 8-hour working shift.

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Earmuffs and earplugs are the two most effective hearing protectors that can cut
sound by 15 dB to 30 dB once fitted properly. Both of these protectors have their
own advantages. Earplugs can help you guard against low-frequency sound like a
loud truck or tractor. Earmuffs protect best against high-frequency sound like
pneumatic tools, according to OSHA, which has quite explicit requirements for
Pick the right shape and size of Earplugs for your ears because it blocks the ear
canal with an impermeable seal. Plugs can also be fixed to a headband if you have
any problem fitting them in your ears. Earmuffs should be fitted gently over your
complete outer ear to form an impermeable seal. An adjustable headband can be
used to keep them in place. A proper seal can’t be made if you wear them over
eyeglasses or long hair. One can wear both earplugs and earmuffs together when
sound is larger than 105 dB which is gaudier than a chainsaw or pneumatic drill.
This way one can add 10 dB to 15 dB more protection to their ears.