The youth of the U.S. is facing a big health problem of hearing loss. Thanks to the advanced technology which gives us personal hearing devices like hearing aids, deliver the desired loud sounds directly into ear canals.

As everybody knows that everything in this world that has positive effects, has negative impact as well. Technology is no different, it also has negative effects in the lives of kids and teenagers. As per the Journal of Pediatrics, around 12.5% of children in the age group of 6 and 19 suffer from hearing loss just because of the use of earphones/headphones as they turn them to high volumes.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the exposure to noises at 85 decibels can harm the hearing in less than eight hours. Do you know that almost all MP3 players with headphones/ear buds reach to 85 decibels of volume if you just increase its volume by 70 percent? Imagine how adverse it is when you keep your MP3 player volume at 100%! Let me tell you, if you play your MP3 player at full volume then it can make 100 decibels or more of volume which is sufficient enough to cause the permanent hearing loss when listened for just 15 minutes.

Moreover, headphones with earbuds or earphones intensify the threat of loud noises as the only way to use them is by pushing them directly into the ear canal where sounds are not shielded by air.

It is quite daunting to know that instead of knowing the adverse impacts, adults mostly don’t apprehend how loud and harmful sounds can be when listened through earphones or ear buds. This can be more threatening for people who use earphones while using loud gadgets like a lawn mower. Lawn mowers typically make 91 decibels. Just to hear their favorite sound tracks, people don’t understand that they might have turned the volume to 95 decibels or more.


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Luckily, there are ways to prevent hearing impairment caused due to the exposure to loud noise. Here are some of these:

  • Try to use headphones instead of ear buds or if you just want to use earphones then use high-quality earphones that more explicitly transmit the bass.
  • Implement the 60/60 rule: listen to your music at or lower than 60 volume level and listen to it for 60 minutes only; not more than that.
  • Note that if the person sitting beside you can hear your music from your ear buds then your player is at very loud volume.
  • Take small breaks while listening to music and make sure you don’t fall asleep while hearing songs using earphones.
  • Always use earplugs if operating any loud equipment like a lawn mower.
  • If you are doubtful that you might have hearing loss, then consult the professional ear specialist as soon as possible.