As per the study of the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, around 36 million adults in America suffer from some amount of hearing loss. But as a matter of fact, only a fifth of people take advantage of hearing aids to improve their condition.

Thanks to the growing technology, there are more uses of hearing aids than ever before. According to recent Reuter’s news report, hearing aids can be linked to new smartphone apps which help people who wear the aids to increase the volume of their device using these apps or to use these apps to make their device act as a headphone, listen to their favorite music, attend phone calls, and watch movies.

Lars Viksmoen, chief executive of GN ReSound, a hearing aids manufacturer based out of Denmark said, “People with hearing loss always need the best hearing aids, but what we need to do from the competitor’s point of view is how to make them different from others. We can make them different by connecting them with smartphones using mobile apps (so we need new mobile apps)” in one telephonic conversation with Reuters.

And the company did it; they have created a new free app called ReSound Smart for iPhone which can turn a hearing aid into headphones and users can easily configure the settings like volume, treble, and bass on their hearing aids. It can also help you access particular settings for various venues.

The company’s chief audiology officer – Laurel Christensen said, “let’s suppose a place where you visit daily, like a coffee shop or your favorite café. You can adjust your location and then it will geotag your location, so the next time when you visit the same place, it will recall your settings.”


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If you are in noisy location, you can convert your iPhone into a microphone just by a selection, streaming the discussion into the hearing aids for better clarity. Not only this, if somehow you misplace your hearing aids then it will help you in finding them.

Christensen said, “As you walk around your house, the signal bars get stronger as you get closer to them, and it’s like a game of hot and cold.”

Android app for hearing aids works differently; it connects the hearing aids to the smartphone with the help of an intermediary device, like miniTek Remote App which connects to Siemens’ line of hearing aids through a streamer.

With the ever growing innovations and thoughtfulness, the hearing aids industry is going to get competitive and solve every problem faced by the users of hearing aids today.