You will be amazed to know just how much a person suffering from hearing loss can suffer socially and economically. A few studies show that treating hearing loss can help a patient in regaining his lost confidence, be more sociable and have a better understanding of things happening around him, thus, improving the overall standard of the individual’s personality and finances. This brings us to the fact that investing in a hearing aid can be an investment rather than being an expense.

Researches claim that patients in their middle age who make use of a hearing aid save themselves from more than 90% of the financial loss which they might have incurred otherwise. The same researches also claim that the elderly save themselves from 70% of such loses just by making sure that they use a hearing aid daily. Interestingly, and sadly, people who do not use a hearing aid incur a loss of up to 30,000 USD every year just because they misheard something or did not hear something at all.


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Some of the researches also show a link between dementia and hearing loss which leads to the conclusion that using a hearing aid can even reduce the risk of developing dementia.

A study by Johns Hapkins proved that people within the age group of 40-69 who suffer from at least mild hearing loss have 3 times more chances of falling down as compared to a healthy human being. This can be due to the fact that effort that goes into listening is so high that remaining resources of the body are not able to balance the body or perform any other function expertly.

Therefore, people who use hearing aids feel more comfortable and confident in their real lives. They not only feel focused, they are in better shape and control of their lives. Hearing aids also reduce the tinnitus affect in the ears by taking the focus off tinnitus which eventually relieves the patient from pain and trouble. Also, using hearing aids improve the interpersonal relationships of the patient by enabling them to be a part of the group and one-to-one conversations.