If you currently wear hearing aids, you might have noticed a difference in how your hearing aids work during each of the changing seasons. Do not worry it is not you going crazy; it is natural and healthy for your hearing aids to change. However, with a little tender love and care towards them, you will not be able to tell the difference in any season.


When spring comes, people tend to go into a cleaning mode do not forget to clean your hearing aids. To clean your hearing aids for spring time, you want to clean out the ear wax, clean the battery compartment, remove debris, clean the ear mold, and you will want to dry it using a hearing aid dryer and place it on a towel to dry overnight.


As the heat sets in for summer, we start going swimming, having cookouts, going on walks or even hikes, and it is possible to have that friendly football game outside. No matter what the occasion is, there are special precautions to take if you are going to be outside like if you are going to go for a swim remember to take out your hearing aids. After you are finished with that workout, take the hearing aids out and allow them to dry. Since during the summer months, we tend to be much more active, try to attach your hearing aids to your glasses or your clothes. This will help you keep track of them if they do slide out of your ear.


Winter can not only be brutal on your body, but it can be brutal on your hearing aids.  When you remove your batteries, be sure to place them in a fresh and dry area to allow them to last longer. If you come inside from the cold and find your hearing aids not working properly, open the battery compartment, and allow any moisture to escape. It is important for you to let your hearing aids to dry overnight due to condensation build up. If you are one of those crazy people, who like to exercise in the snow, be sure to take your hearing aids out first so that moisture does not build up or use spandex to cover them up. Finally, always have batteries on hand as the cold can take power right out of them.


Fall is a beautiful season with changing leaves and cooler nights setting in; pollen is high. Pollen not only affects people’s allergies, but it can affect your hearing aid. During the fall months, you should clean your hearing aids out more than once a day to get all that pollen out of them.

Everyday Use

To protect your hearing aids on a daily basis, you should keep them out of your pet and children’s reach, keep them away from moisture like showers, avoid putting hairspray or makeup on them, and most importantly leave the repairs to the experts.