When I think of staying healthy, I think of exercise, eating right, taking care of my body, staying clean, etc. This is probably the same things you think of when you think of staying healthy. Did you know by taking care of your muscles and bones and staying clean you are doing much more than taking care of your body? You are taking care of your hearing as well.


Doing cardio exercise gets blood to all parts of your body. By walking, jogging, running, or cycling you get the blood pumping. By getting the blood pumping, you are getting blood to your ears which help the internal parts of your ear stay healthy and allow them to work at full potential.

Recovery Time

If you go out and party all night long and do nothing but drink, your body goes into recovery mode the next day, and you do not feel like doing much of anything. Your ears need that same treatment. If you are out at a loud concert or bar for hours at a time, try to step outside every five minutes or so to allow your ears to recover. Your ears need approximately 16 hours of quiet time after one night of loud noises.


Every part of your body needs a little tender love and care. Just like the rest of your body you need to take care of your ears too. Just as you wear a protective helmet, you should wear protective hearing products around loud noises. If you work in a noisy environment, consider getting ear plugs and start turning down the volume to your music.


Stress has been known to cause tinnitus, which is a ringing in the ears. High level of stress puts your body in the fight or flight mode which immediately starts pumping high levels of adrenaline which puts a lot of pressure on nerves. Hence, it puts pressure on the inner ear causing tinnitus. High levels of stress can cause high blood pressure as well.

High Blood Pressure

When you hear high blood pressure you probably automatically think Stroke or Heart Attack is in that person’s future. However, high blood pressure can cause more than just that. High blood pressure can cause hearing loss. High blood pressure is known for causing internal ear hemorrhages’ and cellular-level changes.


There has been a link found between diabetes and hearing loss. However, the reasons are unknown at this time. What experts do know is that the younger you are with diabetes, the more likely you are going to have some sort of hearing loss.

Moderate Medication

All medications have some side effect and knowing what side effects your medications have is your responsibility, not your doctor’s. If a doctor prescribes you a medication, take it as directed as many medications have loss of hearing as a side effect.