Did you know hearing loss affects nearly 40 million Americans? That being said, more than likely you have a family member who has hearing loss. Whether it is a father, mother, friend, your child, a grandparent, a teacher, a doctor, your spouse, or maybe even your favorite musician; someone you know or look up to has hearing loss. Do not allow them to go into debt just to pay for a hearing aid.

Hearing loss disrupts relationships and can actually cause psychological problems. If you do not think it disrupts relationships than allow me to give you an example. How many times have you been talking with someone and they have to ask you to repeat yourself? How aggravated do you get because you have to repeat yourself?

Those with hearing loss have to ask you to repeat yourself multiple times in a single conversation. They get aggravated and so do you. Eventually, they will just stop asking you to repeat yourself not hearing hardly anything you are saying. Which then makes them less and less sociable? Hearing loss truly does affect a person’s state of mind and disrupts their lives. However, with today’s technology, there are alternatives.

Just in the past few years hearing aids have made great strides. They allow people to live a normal life seamlessly unnoticeable. The advances that have been made have made significant differences in millions of people’s lives worldwide. The problem is many people who have hearing loss are on a limited income.


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If you are on a limited income and you or a family member needs hearing aids do not give up hope. The Better Hearing Institute wrote an article “Your Guide to Financial Assistance for Hearing Aids”. Within this article, they list many charitable foundations, private organizations, insurance plans, corporate benefits, and government programs that can and will help you buy the hearing aid you or your family member needs.

Remember technology is basically just beginning in the hearing world and the more it catches on the more insurance will cover it but until than go to the article and find the resources you need. They even list the contact information for each resource and its service as well as the eligibility requirements and application procedure.

Do not allow the loss of your hearing disturb your life or a family member’s life. Get the help you need. There are plenty of resources out there and all it takes is your time to find the right resource for you. Do not become a hermit just because of your income continue to be social and have those everyday conversations. With technology, the way it is no one person should go without hearing for even one day.

Do not allow yourself to come to a victim of hearing loss. Do not allow your family member or friend’s become a victim of hearing loss. Do not sit and do nothing when something can be done. Financial help is there to help!