High levels of noise often represent the greatest contributor to hearing loss and, unfortunately, also represent a very common environmental factor on the job for many people. An estimated ten million population in the U.S. have already experienced permanent hearing loss from noise levels, while three times that many people are at risk each day from noisy environments.  High levels of noise, such as a gunshot at proximity can cause permanent hearing loss from just a single occurrence. With that in mind, consider the potential damage if you are exposed to high levels of noise on a daily basis. If that is your situation, you are at a greater risk for hearing loss. Since hearing loss happens over time, most people do not notice the change and, therefore, disregard precautions that could save them from permanent damage to their hearing. Take these steps now to avoid significant damage to your hearing.

How to protect yourself from noise-related hearing loss? Let’s have a look on some tips.

  1. Use hearing protection devices whenever you are around loud noises, whether at work or play

Earplugs are widely available and are very cost effective. Check your pharmacy or big box department store. For even greater protection, make use of earmuffs that are available at safety gear suppliers or sporting goods markets.

  1. If you work in a noisy environment, ask your employer about hearing protection

Employers are often required to provide adequate measures to help counter the damaging effects of noise. Government regulations exist to help protect you. Know your rights.

  1. Research the products you buy

Many noise producing products will include decibel levels as part of their specifications. Compare these statistics among products before making your purchases.

  1. Take a look at the devices you already use

Personal music devices, tablets and smartphones often use earphones for listening and provide temptation for “cranking up the music”. Try to be aware of the volume level and limit your exposure.

  1. Help your children protect their hearing

Watch your kids’ use of headphones and teach them to keep the volume at safe levels. Purchasing higher quality listening devices could greatly improve your listening experience by filtering out noise and keeping your volume level down.

  1. Monitor your hearing health

Sometimes employers offer hearing tests as a regular part of business operations. Also, check with your primary care physician about screening your hearing. You may be saving yourself from hearing loss today.

Take these precautions for yourself and your family. Preserve your hearing for a better future. You will be grateful that you did.