Concerts and sporting events have become too common and part of many people’s plans especially over the weekend. These social gatherings are most often full of noise and the there may exist a notion that noise is inevitable in these events. Music extravaganzas, car racing, football, rugby, and basketball matches are some of these events that expose us to unnecessary noise.


Hearing loss is real, it is not a theory and thus, it is advisable to have fun and enjoy outdoors events but at the same time avoiding too much noise. To start with, we look at how we get exposed to excess noise in these events and then how to avoid the same for the sake of healthy living.


  1. Standing next to huge speakers

I agree with so many people that it the party mood that fills many outdoor events brings with it so much appetite for loud music. It keeps the fun going. The heavy beats are so fulfilling to the soul especially when under influence of substances. Truth of the matter is, exposure to this kind of noise of so much intensity is a slow deafening factor. This kind of noise normally results to headaches, nausea, partial deafness just to mention but a few.


  1. Noisy crowds

These events more often than not attract large crowds of people. They are always singing along, cheering for their teams, some chatting among themselves creating a whole big buzz of a noisy environment. Alcohol and other drugs are common in these king of events and normally, people become over reactive and even those who do not normally talk, eventually become the ones shouting at the top of their voices. The noise depending on the event can be so disturbing, causing headaches and nuisance especially to those who are sober among the crowd.


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  1. Proximity to where activities take place

Especially the sporting events, watchers and audiences are normally allowed to choose where to sit, be it in the stadium, the arena, hall or open grounds. At times, with the idea to get to enjoy clear vision and just to be closer to the action, we find ourselves opting to be very close to the place of action. Event such as car racing, the cars produce a lot of noise from their raving engines and if so close to where they are passing, the noise might have negative effect to us.


To save us the trouble of suffering the consequences of exposure to a lot of noise, there are several measures that we can adopt to ensure we enjoy concerts and sporting events with conscious regard to safeguard our hearing. They include:


  • Avoiding standing next to heavy sound producers is a sure way to ensure that we do not damage our eardrums. The music for that matter is so loud that even the person at the furthest end of the stadium will still enjoy it.
  • Technology has enabled the use of huge screens in most of these events, such that you do not have to be really close to the point of action to enjoy the moment. You can be further away and still enjoy full action from the screens, safeguarding your ears from unnecessary noise.



These social events are there to make our social life more fun, but responsibility is required to ensure we prevent the worst consequence, which is deafness.