Baby Boomers are an interesting generation. Although they make up for only 26% of the population
now, this is one generation that made America what it is today. They redesigned everything as per the
American way of living right from the music, to cars, to aging.
The baby boomers redefined how we look at the things around us and how we use technology and as
they pass into the golden years of their age, they are not redefining how a normal person should age.
This generation has developed a lifestyle that helps them to stay fit and healthy. One such way to a
healthy lifestyle is by taking care of their hearing.
This generation never had anything like computer or internet around them and thus the only means of
keeping in touch with friends and family was through connecting in person. As a result, this generation
knows the importance of staying in connection and thus ensures that they take care of all their senses
which help in being social and active.

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This is why rather than denying the loss of hearing, which occurs naturally in the old age, the baby
boomers of America accept it and get it corrected by employing necessary means. They know that the
latest technology has shortened and lightened the hearing aids which are almost invisible and hide away
from the eyes of other human beings. That being said, the new generation of hearing aids is more
effective and produce better results. All this allows them to stay social as they like it.
Baby Boomers are a generation that should be looked upon to understand the meaning of social
connectivity and how to live life to the fullest no matter what phase of your life is going on.