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Accessories and Return Explanation

  Some hearing aids work best when accessorized and some aids don’t need the accessories at all. One who is looking for hearing aids should have proper knowledge of accessories too; which accessories will work as per the model of the hearing aids. Moreover, you should also have complete information about the return policy of hearing aids. Let us give you an overall information about the accessories and returns associated with different hearing aids. Accessories There are three main type of hearing aids— The Rosebud Premium These hearing aids fit wholly inside the ear. The best thing about these hearing aids is that these are almost invisible and nobody could notice them. The worst part about them is these are hard to handle and not so robust because of their small size. These are especially recommended for people who are suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss. There are no accessories available to support these hearing aids. These hearing aids come with a small bag of wax to slur on the aid as you place it in your ear to keep it stay there.   The Best Ear Basic It is the behind the ear hearing device and is highly recommended because we can set its programs as per our requirement. Which accessories are recommended to use with these hearing aids? Tubes and tips are preferably recommended to use...

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An Audiogram – Its Need and Usage

An audiogram is a graph which charts hearing ability, particularly, the softest sounds that can be heard in ears at different low-to-high frequencies. These sounds are known as Thresholds. The results of the hearing test are then plotted on the audio graph. It has an X-axis and a Y-axis. Some important terms that you should know to understand an audio graph: Frequencies- The X (horizontal) axis are used for plotting the sound frequency or pitch. Pitch is measured in hertz. The commonly tested frequencies are 250Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 4KHz, and 8KHz. The frequencies are lower on the left...

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Best Hearing Aids

As we grow old, our senses start to weaken. The vision and hearing capabilities are the senses that suffer the most. Thanks to the latest technology and the need for high concentration, having a poor vision and hearing can have a huge impact on one’s life. In fact, if we look around, everything right from enjoying television to riding a bike demands a good hearing. Thus, the need to have all our senses working exactly as they should is imperative. However, thanks to natural, organic, genetics and artificial reasons, having all our senses in a good shape throughout the...

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Can hearing aids make you happy?

When you think of happiness, what comes your mind? We usually recall all those beautiful moments of life, time spent with our loved ones, memories with friends, laughter, sunshine, vacations, achievements, your pet and hearing aids. Yes, you just read hearing aids and you cannot relate or think of any moment when hearing aids made you happy. However, if you or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss then this might be something you can totally relate to. Here are three amazing ways to treat your hearing loss with aids and this will definitely make you happy. Impact...

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Get Solutions to your Hearing Loss with Inexpensive Hearing Aids

Studies and researches continue to show how devastating hearing loss can be, leading an impact over 28.6 million Americans (aged 60 years and above) and 48 million Americans altogether. If the problem of hearing loss is left ignored for a long time, it could add to other severe health problems such as a decline in memory, concentration problems, depression as claimed by the medical studies. The major cause behind people not getting their treatment done is attributed to the high costs associated with hearing aids. Gone are the days where you have to think about getting 4000 bucks just...

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EasyCharge2 Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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