Children love noise. It gives them the adrenaline pump which boosts their energy and activity. That being said, exposure to loud noises for prolonged periods of time can actually cause permanent hearing loss in children. While we think we know the noises that we must protect our children from, there is one source of noise that is close to the children, remains unmonitored and has the potential to ruin hearing ability of children. This source is their toys.

  1. A simple squeak or a siren can emit a sound upto 90 decibels which is enough to cause trouble and damage ears. Add this noise to the fact that children usually put these noisy toys close to their ears and you get a sound as high as that of a jet taking off from the ground. Do you really think your children’s toys have safe levels of sound?
  2. ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) maintains a list of toys which includes toy guns, talking dolls, walkie-talkies, sirens and toys with such noises which are unhealthy for a child’s ears. While the association does its best to update the list frequently, the technological advancements are just making the condition worse.

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3. ASHA advices to buy toys that have a volume control so you can lower down the volume to safer levels. Also, listen to                 the noise yourself before letting the kid have it. If the noises are loud, just do not buy it!

4. If a condition arises where you have to buy a toy with dangerous levels of volume, think of ways to minimize the noise.               Putting tape over the speaker might help. Similarly, removing the batteries (if possible and feasible) is another good                   idea.

5. If your child is using a gadget or a toy with earphones and you can hear the sound while he has them on, lower down                   the volume to the bare minimum. Children are naïve and enjoy loud music. It is your duty to keep them safe.