There are many reasons why people suffering from hearing loss do not like going to a doctor and getting their hearing tested and corrected. But, once a patient takes a step ahead and gets a pair of hearing aids, he or she soon realizes the benefits and mostly regret waiting for so long before making the decision. If you are a patient or if someone in your family is a patient, it is obvious that you have several questions in your mind about hearing aids. This quick article is going to answer all those questions and make you understand why hearing aids is a good idea.

Why are they priced so high?

A hearing aid is an engineering marvel. It does a lot of things internally in its circuit that is not visible to the eye. The cost of research and development that goes into creating high-end versions of hearing aids is very high and thus the end product is priced at an overwhelming rate. However, not every model has a high price. Hearing aids are available in all shapes and sizes and made for several different needs. You just need to speak to your audiologist and find hearing aids that solve your problem within your budget.

Are there any financing options?

Since the price of a pair of hearing aids is high, many states have come up with custom solutions to help the patients in the state have access to the hearing aids through financing schemes. Apart from the government fueled efforts, certain local organizations like the Lions Club also finance hearing aids for the needy.

Which is the best hearing aid?

Sadly, there is no ‘best’ hearing aid as such. All the hearing aids are made to cater to different needs. People have different lifestyles and different degrees of hearing loss. This means that you will need to consult your audiologist to understand which hearing aid would work for you. Moreover, since not everyone has a huge budget to invest in a pair of hearing aids, not everyone would prefer buying feature-rich hearing aids. Rather, it is a better idea to stick to mid-range hearing aids that come with limited but important features aimed at improving your experience.


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What batteries should I put into my hearing aids?

This depends on the make and model of your hearing aid. All these aids have different features and hence require a different kind of battery to run all the features. For hearing aids that are made in the states, Rayovac Batteries are a good option. However, the expiry date of the battery is more important rather than the brand of the battery. Plus, there are several tricks that can enhance the life of the battery. For example, a trick by an elementary student that says that one should wait a few seconds after peeling off the sticker from the battery to elongate the battery life seems to work for a majority of the hearing aid users.

How to deal with the background noise?

Unfortunately, most hearing aids are unable to distinguish between good sound and noise. This leaves the patient with only one solution which is to practice and do some listening exercises. You could make use of the LACE program for practicing.

Hearing loss is more common than you think. If you suffer from hearing loss or if you know someone who might be suffering from it, encourage them to get their problem tested and corrected with the help of a hearing aid. Hopefully, this article would have answered most of your questions and concerns.