In the United States, a good number of infants receive a hearing screening before getting discharged from the hospital. But as per the study of Better Hearing Institute, hearing loss can occur at any stage of life and it may not be observed immediately. And when you see a number of severe stages of hearing loss then analyzing the minor forms of hearing loss including the ones with hearing loss in only one ear becomes more challenging. That is the reason why the Better Hearing Institute recommends consistent hearing test as children grow and mature. Here are 7 warning signs of hearing loss parents should look for in their child. You may consider hearing aids as an alternative solution.

  1. Stay in touch with your child’s faculty

Take your child’s report on a monthly basis and check whether your child is hearing fine in school or not. How is he performing at the academic front? Many times, teachers’ complaint that your child is not quick to hear things so this might be a concern, be attentive! If this happens, then take your child to the hearing specialist before things get worse.

  1. Track his growth in every walk of life

Check whether your child is able to speak and use language when compared to his friends of the same age at school or in the crèche. Stay in touch with his friends’ parents so that you can learn more about other children activities and behavior.

  1. Check your child’s response rate

Is your child responding on time to soft and moderate level sounds or spoken language when there is minimal background noise? Is your child moving her one ear forward while trying to listen to you? You need to find the answers to such questions regularly.

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  1. Frequent use of “huh” or “What?”

If your child says “what” or “huh” or “please repeat” more often than this is the biggest warning sign that your child may be suffering from hearing loss. Go and consult a professional ENT and get things clear!

  1. Increasing the volume of TV

There might be a big issue if your child likes to sit near the TV while watching his favorite cartoon channel or if he increases the volume of the TV or other audio electronics unnecessarily.

  1. Don’t want to talk over the telephone

Is your child gets irritated over the telephone or doesn’t respond over it? Or is he continuously switches the ears when on the call? These are the small things that matter a lot and you have to keep a track of them.

  1. Your Child says that he didn’t hear you

Don’t take it casually as if he is just not paying attention. It is so obvious that the child is suffering from hearing loss but many parents neglect their children by giving the false reason that they are not paying attention. Take a note that there might be a possibility of unidentified hearing loss; your child needs you.

I hope you will pay full attention to your children’s activities to secure their future. Analyze how quickly and thoroughly your child is learning to speak and perceive the language in comparison to other children of same age. If something looks strange then ask your ENT specialist.