For a proper functioning of your hearing aids, its batteries need to be in top notch condition. Moreover, it saves both your time and money if the lifespan of hearing aids batteries extends. So, without wasting much time, let’s have a look at 5 ways of extending the life of your hearing aids batteries.

  1. Buy new hearing aids batteries

Instead of wasting your money on old batteries, prefer buying news ones. Reason being that the unopened hearing aids batteries last for a good number of years. Believe or not, it’s always advantageous to buy a new package of hearing aids batteries as the power of batteries reduces as each year passes by.

  1. Don’t remove the plastic tab on the individual batteries up until you are ready to use them

Hearing aids batteries uses the zinc-air technology also known as the zinc-air battery. Each battery has a plastic tab which covers tiny holes placed on the battery. Once you remove the tab, air enters the tiny holes and activates the zinc. This way, the battery gets active, and its power starts depleting. That’s why it’s recommended to remove the tab only if you use the batteries immediately.

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  1. Apply a five-minute rule

Don’t place the batteries into the hearing aids immediately after removing the plastic tabs. Rather wait at least for 5 minutes, this allows the air to activate the battery fully. Also, by applying this rule, you can increase its life as long as three days.

  1. Keep at room temperature

You must have heard that the best way to extend the life of batteries is to store them in a refrigerator. But this doesn’t work in case of zinc-air batteries as these batteries do not mix with moisture and the condensation that develops in the fridge leads to corrosion. This increases the risk of early failure.

So, only store your batteries at normal room temperature. Also keep them away from any metal objects like coins, keys, et al. as these objects can cause them to short circuit.

  1. Remove the batteries if you won’t be using your hearing aids for extended periods

If you are planning to not to use your hearing aids for a while, then don’t forget to take out its batteries. This will help protect your device against corrosion from trapped moisture present in the hearing aids.

Also, do wash your hands before removing the batteries to protect your hearing aids from dirt, grime, and moisture as you know all of these are bad for both the batteries and the hearing aids.