All of us love the falling leaves, the sound of burning wood, the football games and the hunting season that arrives at the onset of the autumn. But, what we do not realize is that the reasons that make us fall in love with the autumn seasons are also the reasons why we should be extra careful with our hearing.

The noise of the leaf blowers and chainsaws and the gun shot sounds all exceed the permissible levels of hearing. These levels are enough to cause serious damage to the ears. Several Americans suffer from one or the other hearing problem and yet we do not realize the risk that autumn activities bring with itself. The National Institutes for Health estimate that 26 million Americans of working age suffer from a certain degree of hearing loss.

Hearing specialists recommend using the hearing protection devices like foam plugs to save the ears from the loud noise of the guns and the chainsaws. In fact, the specialist advice wearing certain protection every time you stand a chance to be exposed to more than 80 decibels of sound for a prolonged period of time.

Here is the decibel range of some of the most common machines:

  • Leaf blowers: 90-120 decibels
  • Chainsaws and wood chippers: 100-110 decibels
  • Wood splitters: 90-105 decibels
  • Hunting shots – 130-150 decibels
  • Football game – 120-140 decibels

A foam plug can reduce the intensity by at least 20-30 decibels and if you wish to have more security, you may use acoustic muffs or headphones.