Month: January 2019

Woman Suffering from Partial Hearing Loss Killed by a Train at Cuyahoga Valley

As per the reports shared by Fox 8 news, the woman who was hit by the train at Cuyahoga Valley used to wear hearing aids. This was confirmed by the sister of the deceased to the news channel. 38-year-old Heidi Howard was hit by a train on a Sunday afternoon when she was crossing the scenic railroad near route 303. She was having lunch with her friends at the Winking Lizard on Main Street after church when she heard some noises. “She thought she saw a child being abused” her sister told the reporters. She got up and crossed...

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5 Autumn Things That We Love but That Damage Our Ears

All of us love the falling leaves, the sound of burning wood, the football games and the hunting season that arrives at the onset of the autumn. But, what we do not realize is that the reasons that make us fall in love with the autumn seasons are also the reasons why we should be extra careful with our hearing. The noise of the leaf blowers and chainsaws and the gun shot sounds all exceed the permissible levels of hearing. These levels are enough to cause serious damage to the ears. Several Americans suffer from one or the other...

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Hearing Aids Designed From 3D Printed Lamps with Absorblight by Belgian Bruno Vereecke

3D had been useful in different fields and utilized for various purposes. It has find its use in the engineering world among others. It is good news to also learn that this modern technology which found its way into the medial world sometimes ago has now also be introduced into the hearing aid industry. For the past few years, 3D printed medical technology are growing in a skyrocketing speed providing solutions to challenges that had initially been taught to be without solution and also improving the success rate of a vast number of surgeries. Absorblight is the most unusual...

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EasyCharge2 Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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