Month: November 2018

High Doses of Anti-oxidants May Help Prevent Hearing Loss

Some believe that we already know, all there is to know about the human body, but one thing we forget is that there is always more to know. If you have ever wondered if the noise in your work environment is going to affect your hearing someday, stop. A recent study has shown that high levels of antioxidants could help prevent hearing loss. What was once thought is that the hairs in the inner ear would get damaged from the noise and that is what was causing the hearing loss. What is now thought is after a noise that...

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Why You Should Clean Your Hearing Aids Almost Every day?

Hearing aid gadgets are used to artificially enhance human hearing in case of partial hearing impairment. Like any other machine, it is necessary to keep the aid clean to ensure continuous service to the user. The health professional normally cleans the hearing aid every time you have an appointment but you should not wait for so long to get your aids cleaned. In fact you should be pro-active enough to clean your aids at the least once a daily. Wiping them with a soft, dry cloth or tissue should be enough to clean the ear buds. This removes any...

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Best Hearing Aids

As we grow old, our senses start to weaken. The vision and hearing capabilities are the senses that suffer the most. Thanks to the latest technology and the need for high concentration, having a poor vision and hearing can have a huge impact on one’s life. In fact, if we look around, everything right from enjoying television to riding a bike demands a good hearing. Thus, the need to have all our senses working exactly as they should is imperative. However, thanks to natural, organic, genetics and artificial reasons, having all our senses in a good shape throughout the...

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EasyCharge2 Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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