Month: November 2018

Hearing Aid Care All Year Round

If you currently wear hearing aids, you might have noticed a difference in how your hearing aids work during each of the changing seasons. Do not worry it is not you going crazy; it is natural and healthy for your hearing aids to change. However, with a little tender love and care towards them, you will not be able to tell the difference in any season. Spring When spring comes, people tend to go into a cleaning mode do not forget to clean your hearing aids. To clean your hearing aids for spring time, you want to clean out...

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Study Says Brain Can Track Voice in a Crowded Room

Have you ever been in a crowded room where multiple people are talking? Who hasn’t, right? If you are that type of a person, you have been in a situation where the room is crowded, and people are talking in every direction. Have you ever tried to have a conversation in this type of situation? It can be challenging. However, it has been proven that our brains can track a single person speaking in these types of situations.  HOW DOES THIS WORK Our brains are an exotic muscle in our body. It allows us to think, process, and visualize...

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Health and Hearing Are Linked As One

When I think of staying healthy, I think of exercise, eating right, taking care of my body, staying clean, etc. This is probably the same things you think of when you think of staying healthy. Did you know by taking care of your muscles and bones and staying clean you are doing much more than taking care of your body? You are taking care of your hearing as well. Exercise Doing cardio exercise gets blood to all parts of your body. By walking, jogging, running, or cycling you get the blood pumping. By getting the blood pumping, you are...

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How can I Prevent Hearing Loss?

High levels of noise often represent the greatest contributor to hearing loss and, unfortunately, also represent a very common environmental factor on the job for many people. An estimated ten million population in the U.S. have already experienced permanent hearing loss from noise levels, while three times that many people are at risk each day from noisy environments.  High levels of noise, such as a gunshot at proximity can cause permanent hearing loss from just a single occurrence. With that in mind, consider the potential damage if you are exposed to high levels of noise on a daily basis....

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The Loudest Sounds in the World

The human ear was only designed to hear sounds up to 85 decibels. Anything louder than that can significantly damage hearing. Any sounds that measure above 120 decibels can cause humans some physical pain. There are sounds in the world that are so loud, and they measure over 200 decibels. Imagine the damage that can cause! These are the five most booming measured sounds that are known to humankind. The Tunguska Event In 1908, just above the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in what is now Russia, something exploded in the atmosphere. It is believed to be either an asteroid or...

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