Month: November 2018

The Truth about What Causes Hearing Loss

When it comes to hearing loss, it can be a very scary situation. Losing your hearing can cause hysteria and life issues. In these cases, the best thing to do is talk to your doctor. However, if you are unable or just curious, we hope this article will ease your mind. Below are a few of the leading causes of hearing loss and real-life examples of how they look. Inner Ear Damage Ageing and exposure to loud noises may cause damage to the hairs or nerve cells in the inner ear that send sound signals to the brain. When...

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Understanding High-Frequency Hearing Loss

Most experts in agree that high-frequency noises range from about 2000 Hertz to around 800 Hertz. An average or mid-range frequency would be considered right at 1000 Hertz. Though, depending on the expert, these numbers can vary. A magnitude of studies has come out through the science field, showing a high spike in people with high-frequency loss, with the increasing coming from teenagers, starting in the 1990’s. It is also suggested, that the spike isn’t from teens listening to music louder, and their environment being louder, but rather that they don’t report these occurrences, so medical professionals are not...

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Television Becomes More Accessible to those with Hearing Loss via New Devices

If you have hearing loss, watching TV with others can be a problem. Either you are unable to hear the program or your loved ones fail to tolerate the level of volume you require. New devices are becoming more common and can help you overcome this issue. Traditional hearing aids can help you hear your favorite program While hearing aids have been around for years, newer models are becoming better at helping you accurately to listen the television. Some devices provide directional coverage, while others have specialized settings designed just for hearing the television. Devices allow you to adjust...

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Is Hearing Loss Related to Diabetes?

In America, it is estimated that 26 million people have diabetes and over 34 million people suffer from hearing loss. Statistics indicate that many people suffer from both. Studies have reported that people with diabetes are twice as likely to suffer from hearing loss as those who do not have diabetes. Additionally, those who show early signs of diabetes are 30 percent more likely to have hearing loss than those who are free from the disease. While no definite conclusions have been made, researchers believe that high glucose levels may cause problems with the blood vessels of the inner...

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How to Choose a Hearing Aid – Making the Best Decision

Hearing loss affects many people every day. If you believe your hearing loss is affecting your daily life, you have several options to improve your function. How should you choose a hearing aid? The Mayo Clinic suggests that several factors, from the degree of hearing loss to your choice in cosmetic features, contribute to the decision. Behind the Ear Device The style you may be most familiar with is the device that sits behind the ear and is appropriate for most levels of hearing loss. This standard style loops over the top and back of the ear with a...

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