Month: October 2018

Can hearing aids make you happy?

When you think of happiness, what comes your mind? We usually recall all those beautiful moments of life, time spent with our loved ones, memories with friends, laughter, sunshine, vacations, achievements, your pet and hearing aids. Yes, you just read hearing aids and you cannot relate or think of any moment when hearing aids made you happy. However, if you or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss then this might be something you can totally relate to. Here are three amazing ways to treat your hearing loss with aids and this will definitely make you happy. Impact...

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Get Solutions to your Hearing Loss with Inexpensive Hearing Aids

Studies and researches continue to show how devastating hearing loss can be, leading an impact over 28.6 million Americans (aged 60 years and above) and 48 million Americans altogether. If the problem of hearing loss is left ignored for a long time, it could add to other severe health problems such as a decline in memory, concentration problems, depression as claimed by the medical studies. The major cause behind people not getting their treatment done is attributed to the high costs associated with hearing aids. Gone are the days where you have to think about getting 4000 bucks just...

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Inexpensive hearing aids- Are they good enough?

More than 48 million Americas struggle with one or the other form of hearing loss and the majority of this number of individuals are older adults. The National Institute of Deafness and other communication disorders have stated that virtually one-third of people with ages ranging from 65-74 have reported problems with their hearing.  Many people resist from use hearing aids, one of the major problem being its high cost. For all those facing this issue, the good news is that now you can your hands on inexpensive hearing aids to aid your hearing. However, the first question that comes...

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What is High-Frequency Hearing Loss?

There are various kinds of hearing loss. You can find the hearing loss frequency only after getting a hearing test done. During the hearing test, the professional will test between 250Hz – 8000Hz. The test basically examines frequency from a higher to the lower pitch. An audiogram for high-frequency hearing displays hearing within the range of 250Hz to 1500Hz (which is considered to be the normal range), with the results outside the normal range i.e. at 2000 Hz. How is speech affected by a high-frequency hearing loss? Voices with the higher pitch, like the voice of a woman, is...

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5 Good Reasons Why You Need Hearing Aids

Around 50 million Americans suffer hearing loss problems. The number continues to increase on a regular basis as it has become a common problem. For people suffering from hearing loss can use hearing aids to treat the problem. Unfortunately, most of these people simply choose to forgo this treatment for whatsoever reasons. Those who follow their audiologist’s advice and seek treatment for their loss can improve their ability to hear.  Studies have shown that hearing aids contribute to the improvement in the quality of life by improving the hearing ability. What is a hearing aid? A hearing aid is...

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