Month: March 2018

Hearing and Headphones – The connection

Compared to the 1980s and 1990s, the number of teens suffering from hearing loss is much higher. As per statistics, these numbers are as much as 30% higher than the last few decades and considering the usage of unsafe technology around us, researchers do not see these numbers coming down any soon. This is unless; the awareness about the situation is spread among the students and their parents. The primary cause of this situation is the excessive use of headphones and the following facts and observations will help you better understand the connection between increased popularity of headphones and...

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Live a happy life, in spite of hearing loss

Is hearing loss resisting you to live a happy life? Is it resisting you from fulfilling your dreams? Thanks to the advancement of technology that has provided us with a great number of hearing loss resolutions so that people who suffer from hearing loss can live an active life. These resolutions range from existing hearing aids to smart aids which can digitally link to your smartphone. Our Smart inventors have created few assistive listening devices which can take you out of the haze of hearing loss, and help you in getting the active life you deserve. Problems you might...

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Top 10 Noises Everyone Hates

Yes, you read it right. You probably have had a negative experience with someone scratching its chalk on the blackboard, or a knife crapping on a glass. It is scientifically proven that when we hear unpleasant sounds our brains will produce negative emotions. Here is a list of the most irritating sounds for the human brain that we hate so much. Knife on a bottle This is the one that will hold the list probably forever. Someone scraping against a glass bottle with a knife is one of the most irritating sounds for a human being. I guess you...

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Hearing loss is quite common in teenagers these days

The youth of the U.S. is facing a big health problem of hearing loss. Thanks to the advanced technology which gives us personal hearing devices like hearing aids, deliver the desired loud sounds directly into ear canals. As everybody knows that everything in this world that has positive effects, has negative impact as well. Technology is no different, it also has negative effects in the lives of kids and teenagers. As per the Journal of Pediatrics, around 12.5% of children in the age group of 6 and 19 suffer from hearing loss just because of the use of earphones/headphones...

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