Month: February 2018

How Hearing Aids Payback in Your Job

When it comes to achieving success, taking the first is the most important thing. You will be surprised to know the number of people who are afraid to initiate a new venture because of many different but irrelevant reasons. No matter how afraid you are of taking decisions, you should never have second thoughts before taking decisions regarding your personal life and more importantly your health. As per a survey conducted by EPIC Hearing healthcare, out of the 40 million people who suffer some kind of hearing problem, 10% of them belong to the current workforce. This means that...

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People suffering from Tinnitus process a lot of emotions

As per the study of American Tinnitus Association, around 50 million people in the United States are adversely affected by Tinnitus. People who hear noises and phantom sounds like train whistles, whooshing noises, cricket noises or whines are the primary patients of tinnitus. Tinnitus severity often varies day to day. Fatima Husain, speech and hearing science professor of the University of Illinois who laid the study, said early studies showed that tinnitus is linked with increased anxiety, irritability, stress, and depression, all of which are associated with the brain’s emotional processing systems. She then decided to employ fMRI (functional...

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Tickling In Your Ear Could Be Good for your Heart

One of the teams working on different aspects of hearing capabilities and hearing loss based at University of Leeds’ used a standard TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine, like those outlined to mitigate labor pain, to bid electrical pulses to the tragus, an eminence on the inner side of the external ear, in front of and partly closing the passage to the organs of hearing. The stimulation changed the impact of the nervous system on the heart by diminishing nervous signals that can steer failing hearts too rigid. The University of Leeds’ Faculty of Biological Sciences – Jim Deuchars...

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Loss of Senses Is a Major Reason Behind Reduced Social Behavior in the Elderly

Every human has 5 different sensory abilities which enable him or her to feel and interact with the rest of the world. However, two of these senses are highly sensitive and must be taken care of. These are sense of hearing and sense of sight. A loss or diminishing sense of hearing or sight can have major consequences on a lot of things that go around an individual on a daily basis. This becomes even more critical in the case of the older adults who not only face health issues due to environment but also because of their old...

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