Month: January 2018

Hearing Aids Can be an Investment Rather Than Being an Expense

You will be amazed to know just how much a person suffering from hearing loss can suffer socially and economically. A few studies show that treating hearing loss can help a patient in regaining his lost confidence, be more sociable and have a better understanding of things happening around him, thus, improving the overall standard of the individual’s personality and finances. This brings us to the fact that investing in a hearing aid can be an investment rather than being an expense. Researches claim that patients in their middle age who make use of a hearing aid save themselves...

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Insurance of hearing aids

If you or your friends or family members are about to purchase a hearing aid, then a quality research is mandatory on how to avail the coverage of devices which cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. Most of the time hearing aids are not financed by health insurance or Medicare but one should always check this with their employer or individual policy adviser to make sure, as stated by Hearing Health. All the policies have different terms and conditions. In one of the policy, you may have to pay a certain amount like $500 or $1000, which is for...

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How Baby Boomers Redesigned the Aging Process

Baby Boomers are an interesting generation. Although they make up for only 26% of the population now, this is one generation that made America what it is today. They redesigned everything as per the American way of living right from the music, to cars, to aging. The baby boomers redefined how we look at the things around us and how we use technology and as they pass into the golden years of their age, they are not redefining how a normal person should age. This generation has developed a lifestyle that helps them to stay fit and healthy. One...

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Hearing protection is important on job sites

Few of us are extra ordinary, but if your working environment is exposed to loud noise, then protecting your hearing is very important. Rock concerts and construction places are not the only areas where sound can reach to an extent that is dangerous to the hearing ability of human beings. As per the, airport ground staff has the nosiest workplace of all. It also states that people who work at sports and entertainment sites, industry and farm workers and even teachers also face on of the top ten noisiest work places of the world. As per the study...

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Hearing Loss and Dementia Are Interlinked: Researches Prove

Lately, a lot of studies have proved a co-relation between hearing loss and cognitive functions of the body. This is why Better Hearing institute has been asking everyone to undergo hearing tests to find out the existence of any amount of hearing loss right at the initial stage. BHI has been spreading awareness on the issue of Dementia and its link with hearing loss while stressing on the importance of correcting hearing loss as early as possible. Sadly, around 40 million people in the United States suffer from some degree of hearing loss and most of them do not...

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