Month: December 2017

Hearing Help Express Has a Message for the People Suffering from Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a constant and chronic ringing in the ear which is making the life of 600 million difficult worldwide. Henry Ford Health Systems along with Michigan Ear Institute has launched a campaign of several clinical trials to test a new drug aimed at curing tinnitus and providing relief to the millions worldwide. In the study, a gel called AM-101 is injected into the middle ear of the patient to check the safety and effectiveness of the drug in reducing the signals that are sent to the brain in case of acute inner ear tinnitus. This acute inner ear...

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Hearing Express Is Willing to Help People With Hearing Disabilities With Drugs

In a latest initiative, a group of drug firms is willing to help people facing hearing issues. Interestingly, the group comprises of drug firms that have a limited capacity in terms of man, material and finances but since it is a collective initiative, it is going to bring a big change. The efforts being put in are spread over a lot of different areas. There are drugs being manufactured that target the inner ear. Inner ear is the part of the ear which first perceives the sound. And then there are drugs that target the central nervous system, which...

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Hearing Aids and Bluetooth Technology

With the advancement in the Bluetooth technology and hearing aids, it is now possible for the people using hearing aids to enjoy wireless connectivity to their gadgets like cellphones, music players, tablets and more. Bluetooth is an amazing piece of wireless technology which allows the devices to communicate and transfer data seamlessly over a short range. This is achieved through high frequency radio waves. explains that it is important to let your doctor or hearing expert know that you are willing to get yourself a Bluetooth enabled hearing aid so that you can wirelessly connect to your mobile...

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Certain drugs can also cause hearing loss

Did you know that hearing loss can also be caused by certain drugs? According to the American Speech-Language- Hearing Association (ASHA), these drugs are known as ototoxins; and surprisingly more than 200 variants of these are available in the market today. Anyone can avail these drugs by showing the prescription as many of these drugs are used to cure severe infections like cancer, and heart disease. How ototoxins drugs cause hearing loss? These drugs damage the sensory cells in the inner ear, which leads to hearing loss. In some cases, the hearing loss is temporary and can be reversed...

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