Month: May 2017

Too Much Loud Noise is bad for Your Ears and Heart

Okay so you probably already know that too much noise for your ears, or I should say too much loud noise is bad for your ears; but did you know that too much noise can be bad for your heart as well? Neither did I until recently. Recently, I discovered that too much noise is bad for your heart and I want to explain to others why doctors are saying it. That is why throughout this article you will discover what reasons I have come across that link the two together. We already know that noise can cause stress...

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Have a look at tinnitus treatments

Do you know in the U.S., around millions of people suffer from tinnitus? What is Tinnitus? It is generally described as a ringing or other sounds viz. hissing, whooshing, whistling, buzzing, and humming in the ears that come from the inside. Various types of treatments are available to address tinnitus viz. counseling, drug therapy, sound therapy, and brain stimulation. As per the Hearing Health Foundation, new technology is also offered to treat the symptoms of tinnitus. Let’s discuss some treatments in detail: Hearing Aids You must know that the most common cause of tinnitus is the hearing loss so...

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Things you should consider about hearing aid warranties

An investment done must be protected, no matter if it is in a new house, or a new smartphone out in the market. Being a customer, you must look for the assurance that if something happens to your new house or phone, then you will get a claim. So, that is why you should take the insurance of your house and also buy extended warranties for your new phone. Now, when it comes to your hearing aid, you all know that hearing aids – the electronic equipment that helps you hear is expensive and fragile. Therefore, you should protect...

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5 ways of extending the life of hearing aids batteries

For a proper functioning of your hearing aids, its batteries need to be in top notch condition. Moreover, it saves both your time and money if the lifespan of hearing aids batteries extends. So, without wasting much time, let’s have a look at 5 ways of extending the life of your hearing aids batteries. Buy new hearing aids batteries Instead of wasting your money on old batteries, prefer buying news ones. Reason being that the unopened hearing aids batteries last for a good number of years. Believe or not, it’s always advantageous to buy a new package of hearing...

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