Month: April 2017

Is Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy a right Way to Treat Tinnitus?

If you have tinnitus then you already know what a pain it can be to try to hold a conversation. If you do not have tinnitus then let me try to help you understand exactly what goes on with the person. Tinnitus is considered a physical condition where the person experiences noises or ringing in the ears or head when there is nothing around them to cause it. Meaning it’s truly a pain for those who have it to do anything much less hold a conversation with others. Imagine a loud bell ringing constantly around you while you are...

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All about getting a degree in deaf education or audiology

As per the study of Hearing Health Foundation (HHF), one out of five Americans suffers from hearing loss in at least one ear and three in every 1000 children are born deaf. 90% of them can be helped by wearing hearing aids. Looking at these astonishing and shocking statistics, it’s obvious why deaf community needs lots of people to work with them. So, let’s learn how to get in a deaf education or audiology. Graduate Degree As per a popular opinion, a graduate degree in deaf education is a perfect fit for those who want to work as a...

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Adjusting your Hearing Aids according to the Sound

You must know that hearing aids are created to meet the needs of many hearing situations. Hearing aids can be adjusted either automatically or via manual controls. It’s all up to you whether you want to listen someone’s whispering or don’t want to hear your grand daughters crying. It’s all your hands’ play. Let’s have a look at some broad terms: Automatic hearing aid volume control Newer hearing aids apparently have in-built automatic volume control. This means that hearing aids can adjust the volume according to your sound environment. In this case, hearing aids automatically adjust the sound amplification...

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What to expect at your first hearing test

If you suspect yourself to have sustained hearing loss recently to the degree that it concerns you, your best course of action will be to consult with your nearest hearing clinic or healthcare practitioner, who can arrange a hearing test for you. These tests do not only gauge the severity of the damage, but also determine what category of deafness ails you. This article provides you with a brief guide on what to expect from your first hearing test. As soon as you obtain an audiogram, you can shop for affordable custom-programmable hearing aids for yourself or your loved one....

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Whether to change your hearing aid batteries in public or not?

Suddenly, your hearing aid battery starts peeping, and you are sitting in public where people can see you. Now, you are facing problem in hearing as your hearing aid battery is dead so what will be your next step? Whether you should change your devices’ battery in public or not? Let’s discuss! Rules to change the batteries in public There always exist some rules of etiquette for everything in this life so you must follow the rules of etiquette of how to replace the hearing aid batteries in public. When you are sitting out somewhere like in a restaurant,...

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